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NRCD Endorses The National Pain Care Policy Act H.R. 1020 Consensus Statement. For information on the Consensus Statement and how you can join this effort, click here.


Welcome to NRCD

The National Resource Center on Diversity End-of-Life Care (NRCD) committed to improving the provision of and access to quality culturally appropriate care for all individuals with terminal illnesses.

Our goals are:

  • To serve as a national clearinghouse and “gathering/ networking place” for communities and researchers as they improve care and caring near and at the end-of-life for the almost 100 million Americans who are people of color.  

  • To interface with networks and learn from existing EOLC initiatives which are working with diverse communities around the country. 

  • To create, test and help identify on-going funding support fo r new models/frameworks for sustainable community-based and professional leadership within minority communities. 

  • To provide existing EOLC programs, Last Acts Partners and Coalitions with information about culturally appropriate and effective communications materials, and other resources that they can use to increase their ability to engage diverse residents in conversations about, planning for and improving end-of-life-care in their communities.

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